Friday, April 22, 2011

Cake Fail

So funny story. My mom had to have back surgery so to celebrate a successful surgery we decided to bake a cake. Mind you my mom is the only one in the family to ever have successfully made a cake from scratch so I decided to make a cake from a box. Easy enough right? I mean you have to add 3 ingredients, mix, and bake. Well sometimes I surprise myself how I can mess up the most idiot proof things.

This is how it went down. We have a big family so I was using 2 boxes of cake mix. Still easy enough you just have to double the ingredients. This is where the trouble started but you see I didn't notice it until the cake was baking. You see the outsides were cooking nicely but the inside was a wet mess. I was afraid of it burning so I mutilated the middle to expose the liquid cake mix underneath the cooked layer so the cake would cook faster. When the cake was finished it hit me. I think I actually tripled the water. It called for a cup but instead of 2 I think I added 3. I will never know but that would explain why the batter looked off (I thought it might be the brand at first) and why it cooked so funny. Well leave it to me, maybe I should go back to kindergarten, lol.

Anyways the cake was good but had more of a pound cake consistency then a sheet cake consistency here are my fail photos:

Here it is right out of the oven

To make it easier to frost I inverted it into a plastic dish since we don't have a cake plate

I guess it wasn't a total fail since the cake was still edible and mom's okay so its the thought that counts right?
Well I hope so since I obviously need to also work on my frosting skills :+P 

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