Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh My Goodness, It's Already Thursday!

Well made it through another day. Can't believe tomorrow's already Friday. This week just flew by!

Since my life is not that interesting, here are today's good things.
1. It was really nice out today. :)
-I love sunny weather, it can help to cheer me up and set the tone for my day. As it was so nice I walked to the store and back rather than take my car so it helped me be green too. ;)

2. Classes went pretty well today.
-Always a plus.

3. Had a good workout.
-I was so tired the last few days my workouts have been kind of sluggish but my walk to the store warmed me up and I had a good workout. :)

Tomorrow is my double lab day. Let's hope it goes as well as today.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Tired Wednesday

Anyone else ever get exhausted and know you have no good reason for it? That's me right now. I mean I could blame school and that's probably it but I don't understand why I'm so tired lately. I don't have mono and I feel like I get a good amount of sleep plus I work out everyday.

My tiredness kind of pissed me off today. I didn't have class today because my one prof is teaching through online presentations at the moment and because of that my other prof moved our hour long class to between classes tomorrow. I wanted to get up at 8:30 but didn't get up till 9:30 and didn't really start my day till almost noon. I know I should be happy that I am 23 but have no responsibilities besides school and can, not do anything till almost noon and still be okay but I would like to be able to be more productive. If I don't have any commitments I can't get motivated, it's a problem.

Well I'll stop bitching about that since it's my problem, not yours. So here are today's good things.

1. Got my laundry done.
-I hadn't did laundry in two weeks and was almost out of clothing so now I have lots of clean laundry. :)

2. I went to Zumba again.
-I'm getting a little more coordinated at some of the songs and I think it made me work harder than I would have if I'd gone to the gym. It was fun.

3. Actually watched the online class videos and did the post that is due Friday so I did do something productive related to school today. :)

I apologize for a post that read's kind of like Debbie Downer wrote it. It wasn't a bad day. It was a day.

Here's Hoping Tomorrow is a Better Day!

Thank you for reading :)


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday's Good Things and a Prayer Request

Well today went pretty well for the most part. I had fieldwork today and my classmate and I led a group that went pretty well. I also only had to play Wii bowling for a little while today, thank goodness! 

I want to ask you all to please keep the family and friends of a Houghton College student, Gregory, in your thoughts and prayers as it is believed that he took his own life by entering the Niagara River this past weekend. I didn't know Gregory but as a former Houghton student and someone who can identify some with what his loved ones are going through I'm sure any prayers would be helpful and appreciated. 

Here are today's good things:
1. As mentioned, our group activity went well. 

2. As I also mentioned, I only had to play Wii bowling a little while today! 
-So happy about that. :P

3. My best friend sent me a link to this video. 
-Definitely put a smile on my face. 


Monday, February 25, 2013

Procrastination is the Thief of TIme

So my procrastination has finally bit me in the a**, as many of you would have guessed since I've been off the grid since last Wednesday. No one to blame but myself. 

Today was kind of a WTF day but in the grand scheme of life it really isn't. The events of last year have really mellowed me out. Life can be pretty crappy but it takes a lot to make it truly suck. I guess they weren't lying when they say that you grow from the sh*t life puts you through. 

So to keep with my lent commitment I'll give you a quick rundown of some of the good things from the last few days. 

1. My 8am Psychosocial Evaluation and Intervention lab went well.
-Psychosocial things and I are not friends, especially at 8am so this was a plus. 
2. Got everything that was due Friday done. 

1. We began learning about modalities in Foundations of Phys Rehab Lab.
-A nice change-up from perfectionist inducing splint making. :P
2. Got to go home! 
-Enough said!

1. Got to go to work. 
-I really like my job, even though it can be really stressful. It was really great to work with my client and see her and her family again. 
2. Got to hang out with my cats. 
-I missed those furry devils. ;)

1. My drive back went well. 
-The roads were clear and mostly dry, it was pretty great. 
2. Got my homework for Monday done. 

1. My Dove chocolate wrapper said "Naughty can be nice."
-Totally unexpected. Definitely put a smile on my face. 
2. Watched NCIS on USA. 
-Love NCIS, that is was an episode that I'd never seen before and was really good was a plus. :P 
3. As crappy as this day was, it's over! 
-I got through a facilitated discussion and a test. Bombed the test but like I said no one to blame but myself. It's only one test. There's always next time! :) 

So let's see if I can be a little more productive this week and prevent this from happening again. :)


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Really Good Day, They Do Exist!

Today was a really good day. I haven't had too many of those lately so it's pretty incredible that I did. :)

Since my day was so great I won't even bother to number my good things. I'll just give you a recap of my day.

It started off with waking up feeling pretty rested. I also got a text this morning from a friend telling me that she really likes my blog and it makes her day a little better to read about the good things that have happened in my day. If that's not a pick-me-up I don't know what is. :P

I had a test this morning that I'm relatively confident I passed. It was nice that the test was first thing this morning because it got it out of the way. :)

After the test we had a make up lab for the lab that Nemo cancelled on us. We finished strapping and grading our splints which means the splinting part of Intro to Physical Rehab is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Splinting is interesting but a pain. I'm excited to move onto something new. :) I also received another compliment on my blog while strapping my splint which also brightened my day.

We then had our Psychosocial Fieldwork Supervision seminar where my class and I got to have a good laugh. Apparently my "love," otherwise known as loathing, of Wii bowling shows on my face. When giving a recap of yesterdays fieldwork I happened to mention that we played Wii bowling. I guess my facial expression changed because my professor asked me to elaborate. I had nothing against the game but the clients love it and in the 3 days I've been at fieldwork I have played about 8 hours of Wii bowling total. I now HATE Wii bowling. The mention of playing it makes me cringe :P (Note to self: Try to be less expressive when talking :P)

That was my last class of the day so I did homework until I went Zumba at 4 with some of my classmates. I'm really glad one of my classmates invited me because it is kind of fun and a nice change up from straight cardio. :)

This evening I was really productive and got one of the million things due next week done. So ends my day.

Now that I sound like one of those annoying "my life is just awesome" people I will bid you good night.

Just remember, really good days do exist. :)


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Even Dreary Awful Tuesdays Have Good Things

Not going to lie. Today was a pretty crappy day. It was long and tiring. Fieldwork had its highs and lows today. Had a homicidal headache for a few hours (a headache that makes you want to hurt people) then turned into a dull ache. Studied for an exam. The works.

I hit an ultimate low when The Pussycat Dolls song 'Don't Cha' made me cry. That song used to be fun, now it just reminds me of things I'd rather forget.

Still, I can't say my day was all bad. Here are the good things.

1. I'm not at my fieldwork site by myself.
-It's nice to have someone else you know there. It's also nice when you need to vent and to know you're not the only person feeling that way. It's awesome when you really like the person you're with and I do. :)

2. Be able to vent steam at the gym.
-Nothing takes the edge off a homicidal headache quite like a good cardio workout.

3. I think I know enough to pass my test tomorrow.
-Could be totally wrong but going through the notes and I feel like I know enough to at least pass.

4. I'm going home Friday!
-Always a plus.

Hoping Tomorrow is Better!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday/Monday Update

Due to poor time management skills I'm going to cut right to Sunday and Monday's good things.

1. Walking to the grocery store and back.
-Walking to the store gives me a weird satisfaction and sense of independence so it was nice to be able to do it. ;)

2. Seeing a hawk in the park across the street.
-On my way back to school from the store I saw a hawk eating a bird it had caught. You may say it's gross but I thought it was cool. :P

3. Living in a day and age where good dental hygiene exists.
-No really, I do enjoy clean teeth, especially after eating popcorn. :P

1. I survived my first psychosocial class exam.
-Don't know how I did, but it's over. :)

2. All my dishes are done and garbage is taken to the dumpster.
-I hate dishes and taking out the trash and usually wait till I can't handle looking at the trash or I'm out of dishes. The reason that I was so proactive with them to today was because I was avoiding studying but I don't have to look at a full garbage can or a pile of dishes so I'll take it. ;)

3. I'm going home Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-I have a billion things to do between now and then but I'm going home Friday!!! I'm so excited! :)

Veronica :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 16th's Good Things

It's been a long week and it's caught up with me so today I'll cut right to the good things of my day. 

1. I got a present for my mom at the farmer's market today (shhhh, it's a surprise ;) ). 

2. The mindfulness retreat I went to for extra credit for one of my classes was long but it wasn't too bad. 
-All I need now is to write a one page reflection and I get 15 extra credit points that will help in case I bomb the test Monday. :)

3. I got to talk on the phone with my mom. 
-It's been over a week since I got to talk to her on the phone so it was nice to have a real conversation instead of just texting. :)


Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today's first good thing is really easy. 

1. It's my grandfather's 86th birthday today. 
I love my grandfather. He's definitely one of my favorite men (maybe I'm a little biased). ;) He's given us a few scares over the years but he is still here. :) Love You Grandpa! 

2. Wanting to dance while at the gym.
-I am one of those people who dance in their car but I try not to freak out people in the gym. I may not have acted on my urge to rock out to my music but it perked me up and made for a better workout. :P

3. Barring any unforeseen circumstances I get to go home next Friday!
-I have not been home since this semester started. Needless to say, I'm pretty pumped. :) 

Overall, today was a long day. Not a bad day just a long day. 


Thursday, February 14, 2013

A different kind of commitment for lent

I find it kind of funny that Valentines Day is the day after Ash Wednesday this year. All those people who gave up sweets for lent have to wait until Sunday to enjoy their spoils. ;)

Since I have been have a harder time than usual keeping an optimistic attitude about life lately I have decided to do something a little different for lent this year. Rather than give up anything, I am going to add something to my life. I have decided that each day I need to come up with at least two things that were good about that day.

Since I hate, hate, hate with a burning passion  am not a big fan of journaling, I have decided to post the good things of my day on my blog. I feel a little bit like I'm being attention seeking putting it on here but I know that if I do this I am much more likely to stick with it because as I said, I really do not like journaling.

Today's Good Things
1. Today I had a good morning and a relatively good day.
-The last couple mornings I have been haunted by the events of last year and the events of recent days in my hometown. For some reason my brain thought it was a good idea to bombard me with these thoughts first thing in the morning and it didn't help that I am not a morning person. This morning was different though, I got up with no problem and bad thoughts remained at bay.

2. One of my classmates made awesome chocolate chip cookies and brought them for us to our 8:00am class.
-First of all, it was really thoughtful of her. Secondly, I have a weakness for cookies and they were really good. Apparently the secret is adding vanilla pudding to the mix, must try this next time I make cookies.

3. Had a really good laugh with a couple of my classmates when I discovered that I wrote 7/11/13 on two pages of my notes from class the other day.
-No seriously, I did. I date every page of my notes and put the wrong month on not just one but two pages of notes. My classmate suggested it may have been that I was wishing it was July. ;)


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Storm Nemo and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

So, so ends another fun and exciting week at school. By 'fun and exciting,' I mean it was school. My plans were to go home this weekend but Winter Storm Nemo had other plans. So instead of going home to see my family, my cats, and go to work I'm stuck at school.  Although I sometimes feel like I am going to go stark raving mad if I don't get to go home soon this weekend so far has been kind of fun.

This morning I went to the year round farmers market. I love farmer's market because you find such high quality food and other items. Today I got honey and a loaf of bread. Last week I got 3 different kinds of specialty peanut butter. They all are delicious so I consider it money well spent. :)

Late this afternoon, my friend and classmate came over and we watched 'The Ugly Truth' on USA. It's kind of a weird and crude movie but it's funny. It was fun to watch the movie with another person to talk to the TV with you and cringe at the awkward parts. ;) It was a lot of fun.

School this week is not even worth reporting about with the exception that we started fieldwork. It should be an interesting experience. I won't bore you with the rest of what went on.

To end this post, I invite you to watch 'The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,' if you are not already. 'The Lizzie Bennet Diaries' are a modern day adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The story is told in Vlog format and a new video comes out every Monday and Thursday. They are excellent and watching them is a great way to procrastinate, just ask my best friend from home whom now, thanks to me, is addicted. ;)

Here is the first episode for your entertainment.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Woman You Probably Shouldn't Mess With

We are taking a break from my oh-so-exciting life this week to share with you something I have learned from listening to music. :)

In life you have choices to make. These choices often affect other people. If you are, in general, a nice person you go through life trying not to hurt other people whenever possible. If you are prone to stabbing people in the back or neglecting people there is one woman you probably shouldn't mess with.

And the winner is:

Carrie Underwood
Let's face it, you mess with her, it will not end well.

If you are an alcoholic father, who is passed out on the couch when a tornado comes, she won't bother to wake you up.

If you are a cheating boyfriend, she'll ruin your car.

If you are a cheating husband, she, and your mistress, will get rid of you.