Thursday, May 30, 2013

Off your game? I'm there.

Hey Everyone,

Forewarning: This is going to be a Debbie Downer post.

Basically, my entire week has sucked. It's been a Murphy's Law kind of week. I would go into more detail but I've been told oversharing on the internet is a bad thing especially since potential employers apparently have nothing better to do than stalk you on the internet.

Through all the bad there are still some good things that happened this week.

Here are this weeks good things.

1. Having my mom allow me to vent and cry to her on the phone.
-My mom is pretty great and she not only allowed me to cry and vent but she allowed me to do it and just listened till the end. She also didn't correct me when I became irrational and sometimes you just need that. I felt a lot better afterwards.

2. Having friends that text you and make you feel better.
-Thanks Melanie and Jaclyn. :)

3. Going grocery shopping.
-Grocery shopping can be very calming activity for me and it was this time. It's kind of weird but that's me. ;) I really like food, especially healthy food, and I refuse to chastise myself on the amount of money I spend on grocery shopping maybe that's why it's calming. :)

Hope everyone is having a better week than me! Here's to hoping next week is better.



Sunday, May 26, 2013

Even In My Dreams I Am Too Nice

Hi Everyone,

I have a funny story to tell you. I have, in the past, been accused of being too nice. This may be on occasion be true but I want to tell you about a dream that shows that one of my dream alter egos is definitely too nice.

In my dream, I was dating this really cute guy (he doesn't actually exist in real life to my knowledge). We were pretty serious, he had even given me this really beautiful necklace. It turns out, however, that he wasn't so nice.

In the dream, I somehow found out that he was married. I didn't freak out or anything. I was hurt but not really mad. I rescued my necklace out of the sink drain that it had somehow fallen down (my dreams rarely make sense), cleaned it up, and wrapped it up nice. I then broke up with him by simply telling him we were over and giving him the necklace to give to his wife. There was no scene made, we were at the library, I just broke up with him and walked away. That was the dream.

First of all, that was weird. Second of all, OMG, I was so nice. Obnoxiously nice. Who does that? Maybe it means that I was being the bigger person but still.

To all the douchebags out there, don't take this as a sign you can dupe me. I'm not as nice as my dream self is and I have a family that includes 3 brothers that will kick your butt if I don't. To everyone else, you can interpret this dream how you please. I thought it was too outlandish to keep to myself and wanted to share it with everyone else.

Hope it gave you a chuckle. :)



Sunday, May 19, 2013

Welcome to Summer School

Hi Everyone,

To begin, thank God that He protects fools. I made a really stupid error in judgement when it came to a yellow light. Had it been a rainy day or other cars had been behind me, I would have caused an accident but as it is, I only scared myself. It's so easy to make a mistake when driving, or doing most anything really. One stupid error and everything can be over. Luckily for us, most of our mistakes do not have major consequences.

So tomorrow begins summer classes. The only good thing about summer class is that we are beginning to learn about occupational therapy in pediatrics. We haven't learned anything about pediatrics yet so it should be interesting but it's going to be a b*tch.

Today was kind of an off day. I think it was the weather, although it never did rain. It's funny how the weather can affect our mood and feelings. I just felt kind of awkward and off.

Here are today's good things:

1. Made it to school safely despite my bad judgement.
-My bad judgement reminds me of this scene from Dead Like Me's episode Vacation, viewable on this video from 1:30-2:08. ;)

2. Let my brother, Ben, drive me to my grandfather's. For it being his first time driving my car, he did a pretty good job.

3. My family and I had a really interesting/ funny conversation during lunch today. The subject was completely lunch table inappropriate but some of the best conversations are. ;)

4. Revenge had an interesting cliffhanger.
-I finally watched the finale of Revenge. It was actually pretty depressing but the cliffhanger was crazy so I'm excited for the next season even though I'm mad about what they did to some of the characters. :P

Thank you for reading.



Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vacation is Coming to an End

Hi Friends,

Unfortunately school resumes on Monday. I have had a decent time the last 2 weeks avoiding school related anything. :P

Here are some of the good things about the last week:

1. This conversation I had with my mom: Setting I'm in the living room watching TV and she is in the kitchen.
Me: Oh No!
Mom: What's wrong?
Me: Nothing, just talking to the TV.
Mom: Oh, okay. Be afraid when the TV talks back. :P

2. Watching my niece master the concept of going down the slide.
-It's really cool to introduce her to something new and to watch her mind work as she masters the task. :)

3. Work went well.

4. Avoiding school.
-'nuff said

5. Having things unexpectedly work out.
-I had some problems with requirements for my field work site but it looks like everything worked out. :)

6. Pinterest.
-It's a fun way to waste time on the internet. :P

-I've only watched 2 and 1/2 seasons out of 9 so I haven't been a complete couch potato. ;) Also, the season 10 finale was excellent. :P

Well, there you have it. My life has been pretty uneventful but I like it this way.

Thank you for reading. :)


Friday, May 10, 2013

Enjoying My Freedom From School

Hi Everyone,

I am currently enjoying my freedom from school. I'm free until May 20 when classes resume and I am enjoying being as non-academic as possible. I have watched tv, played with my baby niece, read, and just chilled. It's been nice. :)

Here are the good things that have happened in the last few days:

1. No School.
-Stated above but worth restating as it's definitely a good thing. ;)

2. Rocking out in my driveway.
-It's been awhile since I've been able to take advantage of the fact that I live in the middle of nowhere. Today I rocked out to "Whistle" by Flo Rida. Love not having neighbors. Today I didn't even stop dancing when a car went by. :P

3. Watching NCIS.
-So I recently purchased all 9 seasons on dvd. I actually have spent a lot less time than you would expect watching them but it's so nice to be able to watch them on demand.

4. Watching Blimey Cow.

This video is pretty funny. I really like the part about how a guy feels when a girl tells him she thinks of him as a brother. Made me literally laugh out loud.

5. This video.

No explanation needed.

So it appears I have watched a lot of tv/ YouTube videos but I'm going to rationalize it by saying that my brain can only handle so much knowledge and therefore I must rest it now or it will burst. ;)

Hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all having an excellent weekend.

Today I'll skip the jibber jabber and cut to the good things of the last few days.

1. I survived my practical!
-You need to get an 80 on every practical to pass the class which makes these tests even more nerve wracking. I did it as did everyone in my class to my knowledge. It wasn't perfect but made it through. :)

2. Spending time with my awesome classmates.
-Today we had a research symposium in the morning into the early afternoon and a bunch of time to kill before our end of the year party at 4 so I got to spend lots of time with these lovely ladies and our two gentlemen. It was a lot of fun.

3. This weather.
-To be honest, my favorite temperature range is between 64 and 70 degrees but I will take the warmer weather if you get the sun to go with it, which, we have. :)

4. Eating frozen fruit for dessert.
-What else can you eat for dessert at 11:00pm and not worry about it going to your hips. :)

-Did you think I would leave it out? ;) I rewatched the newest episode and found the longer preview for the upcoming episode and am so excited to see where the storyline is headed. :P I know I've been a little obsessed with it but watching NCIS has been my escape from the real world lately and everyone needs an escape sometimes. :)

Thank you for reading.

Enjoy your day.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two More Tests

So I have two more tests before I can escape my college for two weeks before summer classes begin. I am having the hardest time motivating myself to study for them. No one to blame but myself there. :P I will eventually break my bad habit of procrastination. Maybe next semester I will be more proactive. Doubtful but maybe, one can always hope. :)

So today I learned the importance of being attentive to what I am posting on the internet when I posted a joke that I meant to send to my sister on my Facebook page. Luckily, it wasn't really bad or embarrassing or  anything, I even decided to leave it up. You can check it out on my page, it's easy to pick out, it has a minor swear word and a reference to something which some people may find offensive or be taken a little aback. I do still think it's a funny post though and not too bad so it can stay. :P

Here are the good things about the last few days.
1. I completely finished 3 more classes.
-Two tests have been taken and a seminar sat through and reflection on it written. :)

2. The sun has been shining. :)

-Many of you are rolling your eyes about now but don't judge. :P I watched the new episode yesterday (it was excellent) and I got to watch the first few episodes ever. I love watching the really old episodes after the show has been around a couple seasons. The first season the characters are kind of enigmas, they have personalities that have not yet been well-developed and still have the potential to go a few different ways. For example, Gibbs, the functional mute, is more talkative and more light-hearted then he is in the later seasons. :)

4. The semester is almost over. :)
-One class, one lab practical, and one test to go.

For all those in school : Good Luck with Finals.

Thank you for reading.