Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hey Friends,

This has been a meh kind of weekend. It's nobody else's nor any circumstances fault (well any new circumstance anyways). My inner demons came out to play this weekend. My inner demons are really mean.

I wasn't going to post since I don't like to be Debbie Downer but I also don't want pretend that everything is okay when it isn't. This is life. Yes, we should look on the bright side of things and we can choose to be happy or not but it's not always that simple and we are going to have days that are subpar.

I think this quote from Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day sums up the way life goes quite nicely.
Judith Viorst, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day | 15 Wonderful Quotes About Life From Children's Books
Outside of my inner demons coming out to play it was not a terrible weekend. 

Here are today's good things: 
1. Sleeping in. 

2. Reading a good book. 
-I would go insane if I spent my whole day studying so I spent my study breaks and my time procrastinating with a good book. :P 

1. Spending time with Amelia. 
-I adore my baby niece and I had the impromptu pleasure of spending time with her on Saturday morning because he brother had a soccer game, my sister was working, and her father didn't want her to catch cold so he asked me to watch her for an hour. She was so good for me. Everyone else in the house was still sleeping and I was busy trying to make desserts for a bridal shower but she sat in her highchair for me and ate a snack and played quietly. She even accompanied me for a quick trip to Dollar General when I decided it was worth my sanity to purchase a new mixer since I could not find the beaters for the old one. 

2. Got to see my Lisa Love. 
-My Lisa Love is my best friend from high school. Saturday was her bridal shower. It was nice to see her and her bridal shower went well. 

1. Got to spend time with Amelia. 
-On Friday I watched Amelia while her mother went to the dentist. She was also good for me on Friday, playing good for me and then taking her nap without too much hassle. She did insist I read her one book 4 times and wanted me to read it a fifth but did not give a fuss when I gently refused. :)

2. Work went well. 
-I really like my job. It can sometimes be really stressful but I have more good days than bad days. 

3. This conversation. 
-Small child: "Veronica, will you drag me." 
Me: "Sure."
Small child's dad: "That doesn't sound very good. You dragging my children around the kitchen floor." 
-So you know, the children sit on their bottoms and I hold their arms and pull them around the floor because they think it's fun. The children's parents are okay with it and the dad joked that it cleans the floor. :P 

1. Passed my lab practical!!!!!
-I am now finished with the lab portion of my physical rehab class. 

2. Had my last research class.
-Now we just have our symposium on Saturday and I am done with that class. :) 

1. Went to the gym.

2. Class was interesting/ I didn't fall asleep.
-We talked about autism in Pediatrics which was really interesting. I also didn't fall asleep or really even feel like I was going to. Double win. 

Now that I've written this post and thought about the good things of the last few days I am in a better mood. Go figure. :P 

Good luck with your week everyone.

Thanks for reading. 



Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lookout Crazy, Cranky Grad Student Coming Through

Hi Friends,

I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so ready for this semester to be over. I am supposed to be studying for my lab practical right now but I was supposed to be studying for that earlier and very little studying has gotten done. I'm just so over it. :P

Of course I am...not. ;)

Sorry, I'm in a pretty grouchy mood. It's the final weeks of classes and it's hard to stay motivated. One of my classmates said it best when she said that there is so little time left but still so much that needs to be cared about. :P


My practical is making me really anxious because there is just so much we need to know and be able to articulate and do. The good thing is that when I am done with my practical on Thursday that I will only have my final left for that class.

Please?! :P
Here are today's good things: 
1. Not having an 8am class.
-I hate mornings. :P

2. Went for a walk with Melanie.
-I was way too lazy to go to the gym today but I did manage to make myself go for a walk and convince Melanie to join me (not that she needed convincing, she was as happy as I was to stay away from schoolwork :P ). 

1. Finished homework that was due Tuesday by 8pm. 

2. No afternoon class. :) 

Well there you have the ramblings of someone whose brain is fired. Hope everyone else's April is going well and classes or work aren't treating you too badly. Good luck with everything.

Thanks for reading. 



Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lent, Easter, and Beyond

Hi Friends,

First of all happy Easter. This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. :)

I love the season of Lent and Easter. My family didn't do anything special for Easter but that's okay because that is not the purpose of Easter. Easter represents the story of the resurrection, if not for the resurrection we would not be Christians. Christ died for our sins and he rose from the dead in order for us to have eternal life. It's kind of a big deal but it doesn't require anything lavish just a repetent and loving heart on our parts.

I am going to call this lent season a success. I did not post everyday but I came up with two good things from everyday when I did post. I also read a chapter of the Bible each night, only forgetting a few nights, and getting through the books of Matthew and Mark and 2/3 of the way through the book of Luke.

The purpose of lent is to grow closer to God and I feel that I did. If you can tell from my blog posts, some days it was harder to come up with good things than others. It was the same with reading my Bible, some days I was happy to and other days I had to tell myself, "If Jesus died on the cross for you I think you can manage to read a chapter in the Bible tonight." :P

I feel like I have learned a lot from my lent commitments. Posting the good things from each day has helped me to get back to looking on the bright side of things, something that had begun to fall away from me. Reading the Bible has helped me to grow my relationship with God for obvious reasons. :P Sometimes it's tough to read the Bible because it's not all butterflies and rainbows like you would like it to be but if it was meant to be easy it'd be called your mom. :P In all seriousness though you can't just take from the Bible what you would like which is why I want to eventually read the whole Bible.

Since lent is not supposed to be the only 40 days of the year you try to grow your relationship with God I have decided to continue to write a blog post every few days as I have time to, documenting the good things that occur each day and to continue to try to read a chapter of the Bible each night.

Here are today's good things:
1. It's Easter.

2. The sun was shining.

3. My niece Amelia finally tried to say my name.
-Since she's two and I have a really hard name for children to pronounce I'm not expecting she'll be able to really say my name anytime soon but she didn't call me Mama and it's a start. :P

1. Work went well.
-I had training and regular work and they both went well.

2. Got a lot of sorting done in my room.
-My room is a disaster area from not really living in it just crashing there on the weekends as well as accumulating stuff for when I move out. I was able to put away a lot of stuff as well as pull out stuff to donate.

1. Got a warm welcome at work.
-I only missed one weekend with them but the children in the family I work for were extremely excited to see me.

2. Work went well.

1. No afternoon class.
-Done by 1pm. It was great. :)

2. Got a warm welcome from my nieces and nephew.
-Again, you'd think I was gone a year.

1. Finished my assignment for peds.
-Took me longer than I anticipated but it's done.

2. No 8am class.
-Hooray for sleeping in.

3. Class went well.
-Our class was a discussion about our individual leadership styles and I thought it was interesting.

I really need to learn to post more often. Hope you are all doing well.

Thanks for reading.



Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grad Student Presents with Decreased Cognitive Skills

Hi Friends, 

This semester needs to wrap up before I lose too many more brain cells. Over the past week I have forgotten words, forgotten that Friday exists, forgotten simple math, and mixed up multiple words in sentences. Needless to say my brain is shot. 

Not only am I all mixed up but the weather seems to be as well. For those of you who live in New York this is no surprise but to those who live elsewhere you may not experience the "don't like it, wait five minutes" weather we experience. While yesterday was high 70's beautiful warm sunny weather today was gloomy then rainy then eventually snowy. Not only is it snowing but the snow is sticking. *shakes my head* 

Even as I write this I am having to retype multiple words and sentences due to mix-ups so I'd better cut to today's good things.
1. Class went well.
-I knew what was going on, I stayed awake the whole time, life is good. 

2. Got my laundry done. 
-Hate laundry but the alternative is worse. :P

1. Was productive.
-Not as much as I wanted to be but still was and I think I did relatively quality work. :P 

2. The sun was shining. 

1. The sun was shining. 

2. Went for a fun walk with my friend Melanie. 

1. Was productive. :) 

2. Sun was shining. 

3. Had a fun shopping adventure with Melanie. 

There you have it. Hope it makes sense. Hope your cognitive functioning is higher than mine. 

Thanks for reading. 



Friday, April 11, 2014


Hi Friends,

Sorry about not writing the last few days. I've been busy but on top of that I've felt stuck. If you've ever felt that way you'll know what I mean. It's like you know what you have to get done or want to get done but when you go to do it you just can't bring yourself to do it and end up putting it off again. There is no good explanation for it but it happens. That is how I've felt this week with multiple things.

I hope the rest of you are not feeling stuck and if you are, just know you are not alone.

Here are today's good things:
1. Went to the gym.
-I've been very lazy this week.

2. Finished one assignment completely.
-It's due Monday so that's one less stressor. :)

1. Managed to stay awake through all my classes. :P
-Sad that this is an accomplishment.

2. Lab was really interesting.
-We learned the basics of kinesiotaping which is where you use this special tape to tape the skin in a specific way to help muscles relax or work more effectively. :)

3. Had a fun ice cream and movie date with Melanie.
-We were working on our treatment plan for peds when I got frustrated and asked Melanie if she would like to go buy ice cream and watch a movie. She agreed and we had a lot of fun. :P

1. Got to see the cuties at the Center for Disability Services.
-Love hanging out with those little miracles. :)

2. Went to the gym. :)

3. Finished my two assignments that were due Thursday. :)
-No all nighters this time. :P

1. Went to a Christian bookstore in Latham.
-This store was a lot bigger than the one I went to out in my area. I loved looking at everything and I found some nice stuff. Plus I had some self-control when it came to my purchases. ;)

2. Got a lot of one assignment done.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Thank you for reading.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Oh School

Hi Friends,

So I've realized that the senioritis that I had a senior in college is nothing to my second year grad school-itis I have now. :P Seriously, I'm over it and so is everyone else in my class. When even the diligent students (of which I am not comparatively) are confessing that they are over school you know that it's bad. ;)

Enough belly-aching though. Here are today's good things:
1. Survived my presentation.
-Two of my classmates told me I did a good job so I hope that means I got at least a B but I am glad to have it done with. :)

2. Talking with my friend Melanie.
-After class today we shot the breeze for a few minutes and it was just nice. :)

1. It was sunny. :)

2. My drive back wasn't bad.
-There was relatively little traffic and it was an uneventful drive. ;)

1. Got up and out the door with no problem.
-I'm not a morning person and I always seem to be running out of time even when I plan for extra time. :P

2. Cuddling with kitties. :)

1. Bought super cute dresses.
-If I'm going to spend money on clothes I like to buy dresses. I bought multiple dresses and the ones is super sparkly. Love it.

2. Bought lots of great stuff at the local Christian bookstore.
-I was in love with almost everything in the store. If I had unlimited funds I would have bought more. :P

3. Had a fun time shopping with my mom.
-My mom accompanied me on my shopping adventures. We had fun. :)

Hope you all had a good weekend! Good luck this week!

Thanks for reading.



Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring, is that really you?

Hi Friends,

I think spring may finally be here. :) Not only is there basically no snow in Troy, it wasn't snowing when I came home. First time in 3 weeks. Woot Woot!

Sorry I haven't written in a few days but I really couldn't think of anything to say. Today is no different so I will just skip to the last few days good things. ;)

1. It really looks like spring. :)
-I know, color me shocked. Maybe just maybe spring is here to stay.

2. The sun was shining. :)

3. Today's classes are over.
-Since I literally could not stay awake in class or lab today (I hate boring videos) this is a good thing. :P

1. The sun was shining. :)

2. Adorable children.
-I love working with special needs children. For our Peds class we were at the Center for Disability Services in Albany and got to work with amazing children. These children are little miracles and are pretty amazing. We get to go back next Wednesday as well. I'm excited. :)

1. No class.
-I do not like my Tuesday class so I was really happy not to have it. :P

2. Was proactive.
-I actually worked on homework ahead of time. I never do that. It was nice to be proactive for once. ;)

Hope you have a good weekend!

Thank you for reading.