Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lookout Crazy, Cranky Grad Student Coming Through

Hi Friends,

I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so ready for this semester to be over. I am supposed to be studying for my lab practical right now but I was supposed to be studying for that earlier and very little studying has gotten done. I'm just so over it. :P

Of course I am...not. ;)
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Sorry, I'm in a pretty grouchy mood. It's the final weeks of classes and it's hard to stay motivated. One of my classmates said it best when she said that there is so little time left but still so much that needs to be cared about. :P

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My practical is making me really anxious because there is just so much we need to know and be able to articulate and do. The good thing is that when I am done with my practical on Thursday that I will only have my final left for that class.

Please?! :P
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Here are today's good things: 
1. Not having an 8am class.
-I hate mornings. :P

2. Went for a walk with Melanie.
-I was way too lazy to go to the gym today but I did manage to make myself go for a walk and convince Melanie to join me (not that she needed convincing, she was as happy as I was to stay away from schoolwork :P ). 

1. Finished homework that was due Tuesday by 8pm. 

2. No afternoon class. :) 

Well there you have the ramblings of someone whose brain is fired. Hope everyone else's April is going well and classes or work aren't treating you too badly. Good luck with everything.

Thanks for reading. 



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