Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grad Student Presents with Decreased Cognitive Skills

Hi Friends, 

This semester needs to wrap up before I lose too many more brain cells. Over the past week I have forgotten words, forgotten that Friday exists, forgotten simple math, and mixed up multiple words in sentences. Needless to say my brain is shot. 

Not only am I all mixed up but the weather seems to be as well. For those of you who live in New York this is no surprise but to those who live elsewhere you may not experience the "don't like it, wait five minutes" weather we experience. While yesterday was high 70's beautiful warm sunny weather today was gloomy then rainy then eventually snowy. Not only is it snowing but the snow is sticking. *shakes my head* 

Even as I write this I am having to retype multiple words and sentences due to mix-ups so I'd better cut to today's good things.
1. Class went well.
-I knew what was going on, I stayed awake the whole time, life is good. 

2. Got my laundry done. 
-Hate laundry but the alternative is worse. :P

1. Was productive.
-Not as much as I wanted to be but still was and I think I did relatively quality work. :P 

2. The sun was shining. 

1. The sun was shining. 

2. Went for a fun walk with my friend Melanie. 

1. Was productive. :) 

2. Sun was shining. 

3. Had a fun shopping adventure with Melanie. 

There you have it. Hope it makes sense. Hope your cognitive functioning is higher than mine. 

Thanks for reading. 



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