Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two More Tests

So I have two more tests before I can escape my college for two weeks before summer classes begin. I am having the hardest time motivating myself to study for them. No one to blame but myself there. :P I will eventually break my bad habit of procrastination. Maybe next semester I will be more proactive. Doubtful but maybe, one can always hope. :)

So today I learned the importance of being attentive to what I am posting on the internet when I posted a joke that I meant to send to my sister on my Facebook page. Luckily, it wasn't really bad or embarrassing or  anything, I even decided to leave it up. You can check it out on my page, it's easy to pick out, it has a minor swear word and a reference to something which some people may find offensive or be taken a little aback. I do still think it's a funny post though and not too bad so it can stay. :P

Here are the good things about the last few days.
1. I completely finished 3 more classes.
-Two tests have been taken and a seminar sat through and reflection on it written. :)

2. The sun has been shining. :)

-Many of you are rolling your eyes about now but don't judge. :P I watched the new episode yesterday (it was excellent) and I got to watch the first few episodes ever. I love watching the really old episodes after the show has been around a couple seasons. The first season the characters are kind of enigmas, they have personalities that have not yet been well-developed and still have the potential to go a few different ways. For example, Gibbs, the functional mute, is more talkative and more light-hearted then he is in the later seasons. :)

4. The semester is almost over. :)
-One class, one lab practical, and one test to go.

For all those in school : Good Luck with Finals.

Thank you for reading.



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