Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Even Dreary Awful Tuesdays Have Good Things

Not going to lie. Today was a pretty crappy day. It was long and tiring. Fieldwork had its highs and lows today. Had a homicidal headache for a few hours (a headache that makes you want to hurt people) then turned into a dull ache. Studied for an exam. The works.

I hit an ultimate low when The Pussycat Dolls song 'Don't Cha' made me cry. That song used to be fun, now it just reminds me of things I'd rather forget.

Still, I can't say my day was all bad. Here are the good things.

1. I'm not at my fieldwork site by myself.
-It's nice to have someone else you know there. It's also nice when you need to vent and to know you're not the only person feeling that way. It's awesome when you really like the person you're with and I do. :)

2. Be able to vent steam at the gym.
-Nothing takes the edge off a homicidal headache quite like a good cardio workout.

3. I think I know enough to pass my test tomorrow.
-Could be totally wrong but going through the notes and I feel like I know enough to at least pass.

4. I'm going home Friday!
-Always a plus.

Hoping Tomorrow is Better!


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