Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday/Monday Update

Due to poor time management skills I'm going to cut right to Sunday and Monday's good things.

1. Walking to the grocery store and back.
-Walking to the store gives me a weird satisfaction and sense of independence so it was nice to be able to do it. ;)

2. Seeing a hawk in the park across the street.
-On my way back to school from the store I saw a hawk eating a bird it had caught. You may say it's gross but I thought it was cool. :P

3. Living in a day and age where good dental hygiene exists.
-No really, I do enjoy clean teeth, especially after eating popcorn. :P

1. I survived my first psychosocial class exam.
-Don't know how I did, but it's over. :)

2. All my dishes are done and garbage is taken to the dumpster.
-I hate dishes and taking out the trash and usually wait till I can't handle looking at the trash or I'm out of dishes. The reason that I was so proactive with them to today was because I was avoiding studying but I don't have to look at a full garbage can or a pile of dishes so I'll take it. ;)

3. I'm going home Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-I have a billion things to do between now and then but I'm going home Friday!!! I'm so excited! :)

Veronica :)

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