Monday, February 25, 2013

Procrastination is the Thief of TIme

So my procrastination has finally bit me in the a**, as many of you would have guessed since I've been off the grid since last Wednesday. No one to blame but myself. 

Today was kind of a WTF day but in the grand scheme of life it really isn't. The events of last year have really mellowed me out. Life can be pretty crappy but it takes a lot to make it truly suck. I guess they weren't lying when they say that you grow from the sh*t life puts you through. 

So to keep with my lent commitment I'll give you a quick rundown of some of the good things from the last few days. 

1. My 8am Psychosocial Evaluation and Intervention lab went well.
-Psychosocial things and I are not friends, especially at 8am so this was a plus. 
2. Got everything that was due Friday done. 

1. We began learning about modalities in Foundations of Phys Rehab Lab.
-A nice change-up from perfectionist inducing splint making. :P
2. Got to go home! 
-Enough said!

1. Got to go to work. 
-I really like my job, even though it can be really stressful. It was really great to work with my client and see her and her family again. 
2. Got to hang out with my cats. 
-I missed those furry devils. ;)

1. My drive back went well. 
-The roads were clear and mostly dry, it was pretty great. 
2. Got my homework for Monday done. 

1. My Dove chocolate wrapper said "Naughty can be nice."
-Totally unexpected. Definitely put a smile on my face. 
2. Watched NCIS on USA. 
-Love NCIS, that is was an episode that I'd never seen before and was really good was a plus. :P 
3. As crappy as this day was, it's over! 
-I got through a facilitated discussion and a test. Bombed the test but like I said no one to blame but myself. It's only one test. There's always next time! :) 

So let's see if I can be a little more productive this week and prevent this from happening again. :)


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