Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Woman You Probably Shouldn't Mess With

We are taking a break from my oh-so-exciting life this week to share with you something I have learned from listening to music. :)

In life you have choices to make. These choices often affect other people. If you are, in general, a nice person you go through life trying not to hurt other people whenever possible. If you are prone to stabbing people in the back or neglecting people there is one woman you probably shouldn't mess with.

And the winner is:

Carrie Underwood
Let's face it, you mess with her, it will not end well.

If you are an alcoholic father, who is passed out on the couch when a tornado comes, she won't bother to wake you up.

If you are a cheating boyfriend, she'll ruin your car.

If you are a cheating husband, she, and your mistress, will get rid of you.

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