Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Really Good Day, They Do Exist!

Today was a really good day. I haven't had too many of those lately so it's pretty incredible that I did. :)

Since my day was so great I won't even bother to number my good things. I'll just give you a recap of my day.

It started off with waking up feeling pretty rested. I also got a text this morning from a friend telling me that she really likes my blog and it makes her day a little better to read about the good things that have happened in my day. If that's not a pick-me-up I don't know what is. :P

I had a test this morning that I'm relatively confident I passed. It was nice that the test was first thing this morning because it got it out of the way. :)

After the test we had a make up lab for the lab that Nemo cancelled on us. We finished strapping and grading our splints which means the splinting part of Intro to Physical Rehab is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Splinting is interesting but a pain. I'm excited to move onto something new. :) I also received another compliment on my blog while strapping my splint which also brightened my day.

We then had our Psychosocial Fieldwork Supervision seminar where my class and I got to have a good laugh. Apparently my "love," otherwise known as loathing, of Wii bowling shows on my face. When giving a recap of yesterdays fieldwork I happened to mention that we played Wii bowling. I guess my facial expression changed because my professor asked me to elaborate. I had nothing against the game but the clients love it and in the 3 days I've been at fieldwork I have played about 8 hours of Wii bowling total. I now HATE Wii bowling. The mention of playing it makes me cringe :P (Note to self: Try to be less expressive when talking :P)

That was my last class of the day so I did homework until I went Zumba at 4 with some of my classmates. I'm really glad one of my classmates invited me because it is kind of fun and a nice change up from straight cardio. :)

This evening I was really productive and got one of the million things due next week done. So ends my day.

Now that I sound like one of those annoying "my life is just awesome" people I will bid you good night.

Just remember, really good days do exist. :)


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