Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun with the Housemates

This year as a senior at college I chose to live in a townhouse with 7 other girls. Though we had our disagreements at times overall it was a good situation. We had a lot of fun this year.
For Halloween we hosted a party for the other people living in the townhouses and flatts. Here we are with some of our friends. 
 For Christmas we did Secret Santa and had a house party where we made cookies, pizza, and watched movies.
During Spirit Week there was an 80's dance that a few of us went to together. 
For Valentines Day a few of us took pictures with the campus store mascot Willard J. Houghton.
 Five of us eight girls were seniors on the track team. Here we are after our final athletic banquet.
 Last weekend a bunch of us went 'glow bowling.' Here we are glowing. ;)
 This week we finished our finals and have a few days off before graduation. To celebrate being done a few of us went to the Cheese Cake Factory. Here I am with my cheesecake, it was delicious.

So there is an overview of our year as a house. As crazy as it could be sometimes, I'll miss them next year.


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