Sunday, December 14, 2014

Once Upon A Time

Hey Friends,

I know I haven't written in forever so I'll just give you the scoop on what I have been up to in story form.

Once upon a time there was a teenage girl who was going off to college. She had grand plans to become a veterinarian and quite possibly to save the world. We don't really know because most teenagers have pretty grandiose dreams.

As this girl completed her studies she discovered she did not want to be a vet any more. Not only is Chemistry extremely hard but she would have to take Organic Chemistry as well, something that only the smartest and most dedicated students seemed to be able to pass. So what was a student who liked science but did not love it enough to eat, sleep  (I don't think sleep is allowed in order to pass that class), and breathe it in order to become a vet to do?

Well as this girl grew up to become a young lady she learned some other things about herself. Although she liked animals, she did not want to work with them anymore. She also learned that she liked people and enjoyed psychology and recreation. So what is a student who enjoys science, recreation, psychology, and people to do?

The young lady considered other typical biology type careers such as teaching, nursing, and physical therapy but nothing fit. She then began to consider recreational therapy but she missed the science. This young lady's very smart mom then suggest to her that occupational therapy might be a good fit for her.

This young lady was astounded. She had never heard of this beast. She quickly researched it and discovered that this career was exactly what she had been looking for! Hurray, she finally had a path for her future. Her pursuit of knowledge was now complete.

Haha, She wished.

It was her senior year at a small liberal arts college. There was no fitting in the prerequisites that year.

So the young lady continued on her journey of higher education. Taking a year at a community college to complete her prerequisites and applying to grad school.

Then the young lady got the magical envelope in the mail: her acceptance letter to the Sage School of the Mysterious Occupational Therapy.

The young lady began her studies at the Sage School with the starry eyed-ness that only first year students can have. She then was put through test of sheer strength (of memorization) and determination (stupid lab practicals). She was forced to complete fieldworks where her ability to actually interact with real people was put to the test. She stumbled after her first big fieldwork and struggled during her last big fieldwork but she successfully passed them.

Finally after 7 and 1/2 years and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (times like a million). She could finally say that her path of higher education was complete. She had completed her masters degree!

If only she could say it was over... (stupid boards :P)

Look for the sequel to learn if she passed her boards...

So there you have it. I have successfully completed both of my level two fieldworks.

Now I get to spend tons of money (it's a really expensive test and study materials are also expensive) and tons of time studying so that I hopefully pass my boards.

Hope you all are doing well! Congrats to all my friends who also completed their paths to higher education this semester!



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