Saturday, December 20, 2014

Taylor Swift and I

Hi Friends,

Can I just say that I really, really, really like Taylor Swift's music? Because I do. I'm not one of those who really follow the stars but from the few interviews and such I've seen of her she seems like a pretty cool person and that makes me like her music a little more.

Have you heard her newest song? It's awesome. Have you seen the video? It's pretty extreme but definitely her. It's super fun to rock out to in the car. :P

This is probably my favorite song of hers.

This song gives me a feeling of liberation when I sing it. I change the words a wee bit when I sing it and it basically sums up a relationship which I wasted way too much energy on for way to long before finally realizing that it was never going to work. It makes me happy to sing it because I am no longer wasting energy on a dead end relationship. (I know, I know, I'm weird :P)

This was the song that I really liked as a teenager because *dramatic voice* this song captured my teenage angst of not being noticed by the guy who I liked. Okay that is a slight dramatization but not by much. :P

Have you watched this video? It's creepy. No offense Taylor since we are the exact same age so when you wrote this you were going through that awkward creepy teenager phase too.

This song was loved for basically the same reasons as above but it had a happy ending so it was enjoyed more. Except I wasn't in high school anymore so I don't have quite the same excuse to love it. Also you shouldn't covet other people's significant others so I don't know what I was thinking. We'll blame it on it being catchy.

Okay, so those are my top faves but I could throw in others but I think you would be bored and leave this post and that would defeat the purpose of me writing this post.

I had a dream last night that I was really good friends with Taylor Swift. In the dream we loved that we could just be ourselves in front of each other since we were both weird and understood each other. There was no punch line or anything. It was just that an awesome friendship.

Well I was telling my mom and brother Ben about my dream because it's not everyday you are best friends with Taylor Swift. As I was expecting, they thought I was weird but then Ben said something note worthy.

"Did you two write a song together because you both have man problems?"

Thanks Ben.

I told him I don't have man problems, I have lack-of-man problems, and I'm okay with that. Still, that was a good burn. :P

I haven't posted the good things about my life lately and I think I need to do it again.
Here are this week's good things:

1. I am not a parent.
-I don't know if this should count but I watched all of my siblings' kids at different times this week and I love them. I do. But I am always so happy when they are back into their parents' care. I am not ready for parenthood. :P

2. Going to the gym.
-Great stress relief. Greatly needed after babysitting. :P

3. Work went well today.
-Always a good thing. :P

Thanks for reading.



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