Friday, January 18, 2013

Final Days of Break

Can I just say that keeping my new years resolution of writing at least once a week on my blog is a lot harder than you would think. :P I mean you would think it would be easy but for someone like me, who tends to over think things it can be quite daunting. What's interesting enough in my life to share via my blog? What's too personal? What's so trivial that it's just ridiculous to talk about?

Alright, enough about that. :P As to my other new years resolution, about not procrastinating, it's a work in progress. Some days I manage to be productive but most days I fall into my old patterns of being highly unproductive.

This break has certainly been interesting. The holidays were very different without my little sister, Constance, but they were much better than I ever could have anticipated they would be, given the circumstances. It's weird feeling that way, that you can be happy when you have so much to be sad about but I guess that's what moving on is like. You can't forget the past but you can't live in it either.

I am nervous but excited to begin my new semester. I love learning, and in spite of all the work involved do enjoy school. I am also excited to see my classmates again and continue my journey towards becoming an occupational therapist.

Well, that's all I can come up with for the time being. Perhaps I will have more interesting news to report next week, after classes have began.


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