Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Having Faith in Humanity

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing well. Interestingly enough, what sparked my idea for this post was a reality TV show and a blog post.

I don't like reality TV because usually it's not really reality but a show that caught my attention today is The Little Couple. The couple Bill and Jen are kind of inspirational. They both have a form of dwarfism but they have achieved so much in their lives. This is not to say that I would think because they have dwarfism that they are not capable of accomplishing what they have accomplished but they had all the obstacles that comes from dwarfism in addition to the normal obstacles everyone faces. Bill is a business owner and Jen is a neonatologist. I think Jen is amazing because I think it would be hard enough to get through med school without having to deal with the issues of height. Maybe I'm naive but I can imagine that she had to deal with a lot of inconsiderate people, not only because of her height (3'2") but because she is a woman. I can imagine she had a lot of people not take her serious because of both. This little couple also adopted a little boy from China with dwarfism and are in the process of adopting a little girl from India who also has dwarfism. I think it is awesome that they have opened their hearts to these two children. It is quite the commitment to have a child, to adopt a child even greater, and to adopt a child with special needs greater still.

Another thing that I saw today that made me think about this was a blog post a friend shared on Facebook. The post, titled 'How to Talk to Little Girls,' talked about how we tend to focus on a little girl's looks when we talk to her instead of her intelligence. The author talked about how all females, from childhood to adulthood, seem to focus on our looks, girls younger than 3rd grade thinking they are fat, college women saying they would prefer to be hot than smart. Let's face facts, this is a problem. I know this doesn't look like restoration in humanity but I think that the author gives hope for tomorrow by giving you some ideas of how to talk to little girls, like asking her about the books she is reading. I think it shows you there is potential for us to end this obsession we females have with our bodies. :)

If you want to restore your faith in humanity in five minutes or less just search faith in humanity on pinterest or check out Buzzfeed's '26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year.' They are all pretty awesome but this one is really sweet:

The Disney security guard who is amazing at his job

Reading the news headlines can be very stressful. It seems there is bad everywhere, and in reality there is but for every bad person out there, there is 100 people who do the right thing, for every bad situation there is almost always a silver lining no matter how small.

Here are the good things that have happened to me over the last few days.

1. That my former teacher is still willing to recertify me in CPR and saved my butt the other day.
-He saves me a lot of money every year because the cost of a renewal class is obnoxious. He even saved me from having to be certified by twice by two organizations when I ran into a problem with my cpr and he saved me by sending an email stating I was certified but my card was still being processed when I needed proof for fieldwork. It's really awesome that he does this for his former students.

2. Work went really well.
-My job can be really stressful for various reasons but somedays just go so well that I remember why I do it. Where else can I sing really bad renditions of Taylor Swift songs and pretend to be a bad driver and have another person enjoy it? ;)

3. That fieldwork worked out.
-Due to a miscommunication and a problem with paperwork it was a tense half of the week when there was a potential for my fieldwork to fall through but it looks like it will work out now.

4. I didn't fail my test Friday.
-I didn't do well but I didn't fail. In my book that is a win. Life happens and sometimes school work is affected but I will work harder next time. :)

5. Had a nice weekend.
-Got to spend quality time with my family. The weather was nice. Work went well. Drive back to school wasn't too bad. Got my paper for school done. I rule it a win. :)

Hope this post made sense. Have a great week.

Thanks for reading.



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