Friday, June 10, 2011

Camp is Almost Here!

This week has been very busy for me as I have been taking classes to get ready for my job at camp. First off I took a sailing counselor class this past weekend to train me to be able to teach sailing to my little campers. This week I have been taking a water safety instructor course which is helpful to have at camp but certifies me to teach swim lessons (so I can use it all year long).
This is a picture of our staff at day camp last year.
(Recognize the shirts? We did a legends of the
hidden temple theme)

I love camp. Anyone who has ever worked at a camp before will tell you its not an easy job but it is also a very fulfilling job. Also you get to meet some great people who can also pull some of the funniest pranks on you.

This is me two years ago when I discovered they'd put mine and the other counselors in my leanto's mattresses complete with bedding, alarm clocks, and stuffed animals on the roof. :)

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