Friday, June 3, 2011

This Tom Cat Thinks He's Ours

Meet Ivan. Ivan started hanging around our house the beginning of March. It was a very very cold day so my mom put him in our garage with a sign on the door for the kids not to let him in to keep him separate from our other cats. He stayed for a few days and then was ready to go back outside.

When he came back a few days later my mom tried him with the other cats but he just plays too rough and a few of the males don't get along with him at all. The males gained up on him but Ivan could hold his own. To keep the peace and for the cats safety Ivan went back outside. Ivan continued to come and go for the next few weeks. Beginning in April he's been around everyday. He is a real talker. When it was still chilly at night we would still put him in the garage at night because otherwise he would sit outside my brothers window and talk all night. Now that its warm he has no desire to come in but if he sees a light on late at night he'll talk to you.
 He's really friendly. He follows us around the yard. He waits for the bus with my siblings. He also keeps our couple male cats that can jump the cat fence in line because he will walk around the cat yard. When he's not there the boys will try and Ivan will seek up on them and be quiet till he's right beside them and all he has to do is meow once and the cat  jumps and climbs right into the yard. It's hilarious as I've witnessed it.
He's a great cat!

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