Friday, October 4, 2013

Shhhh. I Should Be Doing Homework.

Hi Friends, 

So I should be doing homework but surprise, surprise, that isn't happening. Don't worry, I am well aware of what a poor life decision I am making at the moment and know the consequences of my actions. :P So since I am doing what I do best and procrastinating, I might as well write in my blog that has been neglected for months now. 

It was a hectic summer and has been a hectic school year so I haven't posted but today is as good a time as any right? ;)

So before I run out of steam and neglect blogging for another month here are the good things about my day today so far:

1. Not having to get up for an 8am class. 
-I live on campus and still have a hard time. :P 

2. This conversation: 
Me: Hey, I had a dream I worked for the president.
Mom: That sounds more like a nightmare. 

3. I had to bribe my niece with M&Ms to get her to give me a hug and kiss. 
-This doesn't sound like a good thing but she is one of those children that prefers her independence and is not a big cuddler. She's been sick a lot lately and as a result really cuddly. The fact that I had to bribe her means she is feeling better. 

4. Reading to my niece. 
-Despite her not liking to cuddle, she does like to be read to. I enjoy reading to her. 

5. Finishing a good book. 
-In my procrastination today I finished one of my fun-read books. The story was sweet which always brightens my day a little. 

Thanks for reading. 

Have a great day and hope you are all productive at whatever you need to do. :) 


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