Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fieldwork is Over!

Guess what folks? Wednesday officially concluded the end of my pediatric level one fieldwork! Woot woot!

Don't get me wrong. My fieldwork experience wasn't too bad but who doesn't like to finish and be done with something you had to work your butt off at. :P

This has been a week of learning things:

1. You can think you have no idea what you are doing and still get a halfway decent grade on things.
-A wonder of the world. :P

2. All because other people are doing something, doesn't mean you should do it.
-Okay, so we all have learned this one before. I had to teach it to some kindergarteners on Wednesday even but every once in awhile you realize that you are falling into this trap again. Whether everyone's doing it does not make it right or justified and sometimes we need to be reminded of this.

3. You should stay on top of your housework.
-Last week I did, it was great. :) This week I didn't. Now I have a nice pile of dirty dishes and a messy room I need to clean before I can go home in the morning. I much prefer the way I handled my chores last week. :P

4. You know that feeling you get that you should not Facebook stalk the person that you are about to FB stalk? Listen to that feeling.
-Seriously, almost every time I do it I end up sad or angry. Today was no exception. In the words of Coach Carr:  "Just don't do it." :P

Here are the good things of this week:
1. Field Work Is Over!
-It's worth repeating. :P

2. My big treatment plan for peds has been completed.
-Another big project out of the way. :)

My brain has gone blank and I cannot think of anymore but I would say it was a decent week. Now I need to go clean my dishes and take out my trash so that they don't sit gross all weekend and I can start next week fresh.

Thanks for reading. :)


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