Sunday, March 30, 2014

Rain Rain Go Away

Hey Friends,

I'm beginning to wonder if spring will ever come. Once again when I was driving home on Thursday it was snowing in Central NY. This confirms my suspicions that Central NY is a godforsaken place (just kidding, well kind of :P). Today it was cold and rainy, the kind of cold and rainy that makes me happy I don't run cross country or track anymore. Hopefully we get some non-winter but also non-cold and non-rainy weather this week.

Since I haven't written in 4 days, am in a damper mood, and should probably get back to studying I will now cut to the good things of the last few days. ;)

1. Got a lot accomplished.
-It's always nice to have a productive day.

2. Actually got to bed before midnight.
-I haven't been very good at this lately and I much prefer not seeing the new day until I get up in the morning. ;)

1. Getting a great welcome.
-It had been two weeks since I had seen my sister and her children. Her children gave me lots of hugs and were genuinely happy to see me. Xander and Amelia's faces brightened when they saw me, Xander cried "Aunt Veronica" and ran and gave me a hug. Amelia, the baby, cried "MaMa" and ran and gave me a hug (she knows I'm Veronica and not mom but we can't get her to call me anything else, trust me, I've tried about everything :P).

2. My doctors appointment went well.
-I hate going to the doctor but my appointment went well and I was out of there in twenty minutes. :)

1. Making children laugh.
-I really enjoy making the girl I work with and her sister smile, the best way I accomplish this is by being silly. This week I sang Bruno Mars "Grenade" very badly and was a runaway horse to accomplish this task. ;)

2. Cuddling with my cat.
-This time it was Natasha. She draped herself over my arm when I was on my computer and purred away. :)

1. Not feeling rushed.
-I ended up oversleeping when I had planned to get up so I could study this morning but I didn't feel rushed and like I'd messed up my whole day by oversleeping. :)

2. Not having to go grocery shopping.
-I like grocery shopping but I don't like doing it every week. It was nice to not have to make any stops between home and school today. :)

Hope you had a good weekend! Have a great week!



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