Thursday, March 20, 2014

Veronica is a Space Cadet

Hi Friends,

I am such a space cadet sometimes. I once went east when I meant to go west on the thruway. Another time I went all the way to Troy (over 2 hours away) only to discover I had the wrong set of keys. Today I somehow managed to leave my computer at school when I went home for the weekend. It was on my bed, next to my bag and I still managed to forget it. Not only that but I remembered to bring my charger home but not the computer. Go me. :P So I am now writing this on my brother's laptop. Too bad this is the weekend I have a ton of homework. Good thing though that I emailed all the articles I spent hours looking for for my annotated bibliography so I can work on that. :P

My life is really not that exciting so I'll cut to yesterday's good things:
1. This Song:

It's a really stupid song in reality but it is also really funny and makes me smile. :P

2. 90's throwbacks with Melanie in the library.
-My friend Melanie and I both love boy band music. We also often study or do homework together in the library. If you take over a study room you can listen to music and fun stuff like that. Last night we didn't get a ton of work done but we had a lot of fun rocking out to the boy band music we like so much. :P

3. Discovering that a song that you rocked out to when you were nine isn't as innocent as you thought. :P

-Melanie and I were jamming along to this song when I stopped and actually listened to the lyrics. It's so funny imagining your little kid self singing songs like this like it's nothing. :P

Today's good things:
1. It's the first day of spring.
-Unfortunately my hometown didn't get the message and we had snow but it's still spring so (*fingers crossed*) we might actually get nice weather soon.

2. Saying something really stupid but really funny.
-There is a song called "Casual Sex" that someone posted on FB and I asked my brother, Ben if he had heard it. He said he hadn't and asked if I knew who sang it. I didn't so I told him just Google "casual sex" that it would surely come up. My brother looked at me and smirked. I then realized that maybe that wasn't such good advice. ;)

3. Classes went by quickly and we got a lot done.
-I dread Thursdays because I'm in class all day. Today classes still went till 4 but they went by quickly and we got a lot accomplished in my research class. :)

Thanks for reading. Hope you all have a good weekend!


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