Monday, March 31, 2014

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Hi Friends,

Why are we so hard on ourselves? The only person who really ever expects perfection from ourselves is us. Yes, this is not true 100% of the time but when it comes down to whose opinion matters most, it's our own.

So why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we expect perfection from ourselves? Do we expect anyone else to be perfect? I certainly don't, so why do I expect myself to be?

I am in counseling and have been for the last month. I should have probably been in counseling way before this but I kept putting it off. Why did I do this? I did this for a number of reasons. I thought I could make it through my troubles on my own. I thought my troubles, which I thought for other people was an acceptable reason to go to counseling, weren't bad enough. I didn't want to admit I wasn't perfect. I was afraid people would judge me. I'm doing alright right this minute, the last few months were just a phase. There are probably other reasons too. I think I came up with every excuse you can think of not to seek counseling.

One of the main things that my counselor is trying to get through to me is for me to be nicer to myself. This is what inspired this post because I'm sure I am not alone out there. This brings me back to my first question: why are we so hard on ourselves?

I wish I had a good answer for that question but I don't. We are only human and are not meant to be perfect. I know this post sounds a lot like like the one I posted on loving your neighbor but I don't think it can be said too much.

You are enough. You are amazing. You were created by a loving God who made you the way you are. We are not all meant to accomplish the same things. If we were the world would never advance, let alone function. We need you to be you and no one else. You are enough.*

We can always better ourselves but that's not the same as not being enough. It doesn't matter if you never keep your new years resolutions or get that A, you are still great because you are you.

Jenny Layton sums it up nicely.
*If you don't believe me check out 1 Corinthians:12 :)

Here are today's good things:
1. Holy Plot Twist
-I watch the online series Emma Approved, a modern day adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma. Today there was a crazy awesome plot twist. I never saw that coming. :P

2. Made myself go to the gym today.
-Exercise helps make my brain chemicals and the rest of my body happy. :)

3. Survived my test today.
-The short answer questions were awful but other than that it didn't seem too bad. Nevertheless, it's done. :P

One final thought that is not my own but I share his or her view ;):

Thank you for reading. 



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