Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hooray for Better Moods!

So yes, I am still sick but I am in a much better mood. I have decided that on days I'm in a bad mood I am Becky Bitchface, Debbie Downer's cousin. But, have no fear, Becky Bitchface has left the building, at least for now.:P

Here are today's good things:
1. Actually having class.
-I know, weird right? I like having structure in my day and I was missing the bright faces of my very awesome classmates. I had break, then 1 day of class, then nothing for the past 2 days. I missed those guys! :)

2. The newest Lizzie Bennett episode came out today and it is amazing! :) :) :)

3. Finished my intervention plan that's due tomorrow.
-Do I know how good it is? No. Do I care? Not really because it is done. ;)

Thanks for reading.


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