Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday's are Tiring :P

So this semester we have fieldwork once a week, for me that day is Tuesday. I don't what it is about fieldwork but my partner-in-crime (aka my classmate who is at the same site) and I are always exhausted when we are done for the day. I hope this is not foreshadowing how I will feel after every work day. :P

That being said, since returning from said fieldwork, I did not get much accomplished. Therefore I will just cut to today's good things:

1. Fieldwork went really well today. 
-My classmate and I each interviewed a client (a requirement for class) and it went well. I enjoyed learning about the client I interviewed and I think he enjoyed being asked. He didn't even find the more intrusive questions (about grooming and such) that I was required to ask. He did fall asleep on me during the interview  which was pretty funny. It began with him closing his eyes but still talking to me but then when I asked the next question I got no response and had to wake him up. The lunch staff who witnessed this and I got a good laugh out of that and he denied having fallen asleep which made it funnier. 
We also found new ways to interact with our two ladies who have dementia. Dementia can be very frustrating for all of those involved so finding ways to adapt activities for these clients and finding activities they like to do can be very fulfilling. 

2. Only 3 more days till break!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!


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