Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome Back To School

Hey friends. Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days. Weekends are always hectic for me at home with work and going back to school and all that fun stuff. I feel a little under the weather so I'll cut right to the good things of the last few days, starting today and going backwards.

1. My psychosocial class went better than expected.
-We had a test and talked about clinical depression. Way to be welcomed back but it wasn't as bad as you might expect it to be.

2. The Lizzie Bennett Diaries newest episode came out today.

-What will I do when the show finishes up next week? ;)

1. Stopped to see my grandfather before heading back to school and he was in better spirits than he has been the last few times I saw him. He's finally starting to feel better after his last surgery. :)

2. Had a safe drive back to school.
-It wasn't an easy drive for me because of the wind and traffic but the roads were clear and it was light outside. :)

1. Watched this episode of project runway with my mom. Seriously hilarious. :P

2. Had a good day at work.

1. Enjoyed eating dinner and watching Big Bang Theory with my mother and two youngest brothers. :)

2. Got to see my super awesome BFF Lisa!
-Man, did I miss that girl :)

Thanks for reading.


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