Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

To begin I'm going to give the good things of the last few days.

1. Had a good workout which allowed me to work off some of my stress from school.

2. Had another fun night studying/procrastinating by texting friends. :)

1. I passed my lab practical!  :)

2. Made it safely home from school.
-It wasn't the easiest drive home I've had but I still made it home safely. :)

3. Got an odd compliment from one of my brother's friends that made me smile.
-I was on the phone with my oldest younger brother, Sam, and his friend stole the phone and said, "Hi Veronica. Hi beautiful." He was joking around but being called beautiful is one of the best compliments out there so as joking statements go, that one is pretty awesome. ;)

1. Had a good day at work.

2. Got a lot of housework accomplished.
-Housework is one of those awful things that is never really finished but I was quite productive so I'm happy. :)

1. It's Easter.
-Easter is amazing. :)

2. Had a safe drive back to school.
-No mishaps. It was nice :)

So today ends lent which means today ends my lent commitment of recording at least two good things for everyday. I've really enjoyed blogging the good things of my day for the last 40 days. :)

Since last year I've recognized that there truly is a silver lining to almost every situation, even if it's very small. Everyday has good things in it, we sometimes just have trouble recognizing them.

This years lent commitment really helped me to recognize the good things in my life. I hope that my blogging about it has helped others to see the good things in their's or at least given them a good chuckle. :)

I'm not quite sure where my blog is headed now that lent is over. I will make sure I post at least once a week but beyond that I'm not sure. I will be sure to include a few good things from my week in my posts as well. :)

Thank you for reading. :)


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