Sunday, March 3, 2013

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Not sure if that's a good title but it kind of explains how you have some good days and some bad days and some good/bad days. 

For example, today is a good/bad day. It went well for the majority of it but it's taken a nosedive in the last couple hours. Not because anything significant happened but because there was a cumulation of a bunch of small, on there own almost insignificant, factors that made me go from being in a really good mood to being really pissed off. So needless to say, I'm not exactly the friendliest person as I write this. I won't bother listing why I'm in a bad mood because like I said, it's a cumulation of a bunch of small factors. 

Since I was too lazy to write a post yesterday here are both Saturday and Sunday's good things.

1. Went to the farmer's market. 
-I love going to the farmer's market. This week I bought chocolate cherry almond butter, chocolate coconut meat butter, and cranberry creamed honey. Yummy. :)
2. Was pretty productive homework wise. :)

1. Had a good workout at the gym.
-I know that I probably sound like one of those annoying people on FB who always talk about how they went to the gym but it really is a good thing from my day. Going to the gym often improves my mood and gives me more energy, keeping me from being a perpetual sleepy Debbie Downer. ;)
2. Finished my reading for class tomorrow. :) 

I think my bad mood is preventing me from coming up with other good things. ;) 

Thanks for reading. 


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