Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today I Failed At Proper Interaction With The Human Race

So today kind of sucked. Not because anything significant happened but because I kind of failed at interacting with the human race. Earlier today I got in an argument with my mother and my baby niece was driving me crazy. At work tonight I could not get my client to cooperate so I had to go get her mother to help me. I just felt kind of off with 99% of my interactions with people today.

As I said, this day sucked. It's not one for the record books but it just was a bad day. The weather was rainy and gross which didn't help. Neither did the fact that I managed to dehydrate myself again and I still haven't adjusted to daylight savings time.

Well enough bellyaching, tomorrow is another day. Time to list today's good things.

1. This song came on the radio just before I pulled in my driveway after work and helped cheer me up.

-This song is awesome, plain and simple. ;)

2. Living in the middle of nowhere has it's perks.
-Blasting the song from above and dancing in my driveway would not be as socially acceptable if I had neighbors. ;)

Thanks for reading.


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