Friday, March 1, 2013

Hooray It's Friday!

Guess what? It's Friday and you know what that means? Of course you do :P

Man do I hate having 5 days of classes. It's too much like the real world. :P But in all seriousness it is an adjustment to make from last semester where I only had 4 days of classes.

It's Friday, Friday, I'm chilling out on Friday :) I am seriously the most boring person on earth because I love Friday nights where I stay in and do nothing. :P

I'm kind of hyper at the moment, might be the cappuccino I drank tonight. Might not have been the best decision but what can I say, it was good. :)

Here are today's good things:

1. Guess who didn't fail her exam in her upper extremities class? That's right, this girl. :)
-Don't roll your eyes, I really thought I had failed that exam.

2. Had another good workout.
-I wasn't even going to go to the gym but I somehow got enough omph to go and I'm glad I did. A good workout helps with your serotonin levels and your heart and I prefer being happy and healthy.

3. Rocking out to my NSYNC radio station on Pandora.
-As I told the mom of the family I work with, I really do dance around my room like her 5 year old and I love the boy bands from my childhood. :)

4. It's Friday.
-No classes till Monday. What kind of insane person doesn't love that?!

5. One more week until spring break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Can you tell I'm excited?

Okay that's enough craziness for one post.

Thanks for reading!


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