Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Labs and Then I Can Head Home!

Today wasn't too bad I guess. This morning's lab went well and this afternoon's class was okay.

I had aspirations of being super productive the last couple days so I didn't have to do any work over break. My body had other plans and decided to be really tired today and last night so that didn't happen but that's okay. The only thing I really will have to deal with is studying for a test that is happening on the Monday we come back (how cruel is that?).

So here are today's good things:
1. Getting enough ambition to do my laundry.
-I was going to just leave it till next week (kind of yucky, I know but I can be quite lazy) but now I have nice clean clothes instead of a smelly hamper full.

2. I go home tomorrow!!!!!!!!
- Just have to make it through 2 labs first. I cannot wait to not have classes for an entire week!!!!


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