Monday, March 4, 2013

It's Monday.

It's Monday. Does anyone out there who deal with a M-F work or school week actually like Mondays? Probably not.

Actually today wasn't too bad. Learned not to drink Fuji Apple Watermelon Vitamin Water whose cutesy name is Attention.Vitamin water doesn't usually have caffeine but apparently, this one does. It has 87mg of caffeine in it, that's more than mountain dew. I didn't know this before I drank it so my body was not happy with me. At least I made sure to combat it with lots of water so my body could recover quickly. :P

Classes went well. I actually did my reading so I knew what my profs were talking about, always a plus.

Tonight I went to a lecture on civic engagement and human trafficking. A depressing topic but it was an interesting lecture. Learned more about the topic than I knew before.

I'm just kind of tired which is contributing to me being kind of down tonight but mostly I just miss my little sister. It'll be a year March 26.

Nevertheless, here are today's good things:
1. Actually knowing what is going on in class for the majority of class.
-Everyone always says that I'm smart but the truth is that I am constantly confused in class and have to review things multiple times, sometimes many, many times, to understand the material.

2. I have some really great friends.
-Knowing that there are people, besides my family, out there that give a damn about me means more than I can say.

3. Break is coming up!
-Only 4 more days till I get to go home!

Thanks for reading.


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